Was Passing Boone County, KY Right to Work Ordinance a Criminal Act?

Thank you, Boone County Fiscal Court, who purports to be all about “fiscal responsibility.”  You have now effectively set up my neighbors and me to foot the bill for inevitable litigation to repeal this misrepresented, dishonest and illegal ordinance. I shouldn’t have to voice my disgust over the fact that RTW states yield a significantly lower income middle class, thereby reducing our county’s tax base and the services provided by the county that WE PAY FOR.  I also shouldn’t need to tell you that a court case is pending in Hardin County that will tell you if this ordinance is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

I WILL tell you that the crux of your argument is fatally flawed. These ordinances are being proposed at the county level based on an interpretation that “territories”, as mentioned in the National Labor Relations Act, equates to “counties.”


There are three US territories:  Guam, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa.

Unless you are legislating in a county located on GUAM, AMERICAN SAMOA, or THE US VIRGIN ISLANDS, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO IMPLEMENT LABOR LEGISLATION AT THE COUNTY LEVEL.  Sometimes I feel as if Kentucky is in a different century (like the 1800’s) but I have always been confident that we are still in the continental United States.

Therefore, Judge Moore and members of the Boone County Fiscal Court, you have knowingly and negligently (negligence at the VERY least) wasted taxpayer dollars by setting us up to pay the legal bills for an ordinance you knew was illegal.

Good job on that whole fiscal responsibility thing.